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This is followed by the urge to gain more information and this is what makes addicted. This include people wanting to access Facebook or Twitter accounts before going to sleep or immediately after waking up. Statistically, two out of three persons who have access to the technological gargets, such as smart phones, spend seven and more hours daily on social networking.

Social media has many available resources that can lead people especially adolescent teens to their addictions. The addictive nature is also supported by the findings of the past research. It was clear from the study that the act of disclosing information about oneself forms same part of the body that activates sensation of pleasure and wanting to access more social media Brown, p.

In such a case, he argues that, many of Write an essay on media affected people would obviously resort to the addiction language in describing their predicament. Similarly, based of definition of the term addiction, I do argue that social media addiction can be described as the habitual character of a person who is always on the phones, laptops, computers or other internet accessing devices every minute of every day just to connect with others failure of which they do not consider their lives complete.

Even though counterarguments talks of usefulness rather than addiction as the purpose for continuous desire of wanting to use social media among people, there is need to define the behavioral character and time limit for which something can be depicted as useful or addictive as Write an essay on media the case of social media.

This has caused a lot of problems not only to those addicted, but also to those afflicted with addicts. Our company offers its custom college essay writing services to clients who look for reliable and respected company.

Just as the use of the Internet has progressed rapidly, the same case has been with the social media. Those who are addicted to social media can suffer from withdrawal symptoms, feel lonely, bored or be less focused, if the privilege of using social media is taken away.

Though the Internet and social media has many positive results such as enhancing communication with distant friends, research for education purposes or for online jobs, if used in an unregulated manner, it can have negative effects on the society.

According to Carr p. In this perspective, what is seen as social media addiction is not the case. He expresses his concern by comparing people denying the use of social media with requiring people to live without their indoor plumbing or private cars even for just a day.

Consequently, based on statistics provided by Lewis, it is true that social media is addictive because it can result into social isolation by limiting physical meeting or face-to-face interaction with others.

I do agree with this argument because for addiction to occur, it means that at one point of time an individual must have been continuously involved with that particular thing, in this case, social media. This could result into health concerns which are even more serious, like heart diseases, especially when one feels that his or her problem is not being catered for by his or her family members or friends.

This way, they can protect their personal lives as well as health conditions from being affected by the negative impacts of social media. It is rather the necessity with which social media enables people to see what is happening on a timely basis that has allowed them to adapt to the new technology.

Yes from the definition of the term addiction, I personally agree with the argument posed by authors such as Lewis that social media is addictive. Almost every individual who uses smart phones, iPhones, or comfortable devices that can easily access the Internet has in one way or the other used such devices for social networking.

This has allowed users to contact their friends, families and other people who are beyond their physical reach. Conclusion It is imperative for individuals to effectively evaluate their use of social media in order to avoid being controlled by the new technology. Looking for research papers for sale?

Access important educational information and data. In conclusion, I am of the view that social media is indeed addictive. Addiction can be described as becoming an abnormal tolerant to and is dependent on something that results into psychological or physical habit formation Sherwood, p.

This is because after creating an account, adolescent teens tend to find out Write an essay on media information about other kids.

People use social media to: As a result, those who spend too much of their time in social networking may incur psychological symptoms such as loneliness, social isolation, and negative outlook from their immediate family members or friends.

His arguments refute the claims about social media being addictive by pointing out that, nothing is unusual in as far as the use of social media is concerned.

As Sherwood argue, the availability of social networks sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpac, which are more compatible with most portable technological devices like smart phones, has open a window opportunity in which teens can connect with each other.

Share their feelings, videos and pictures with others.Argumentative essay on social media writing guide, with outline sample on killarney10mile.com How to Write Argumentative Essay on Social Media How to start How to write body pargraphs How to conclude Outline sample Topic actuality Social media has gained global recognition as a phenomenon that has taken over the internet.

Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media Essay; Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media Essay. Words Jun 29th, 3 Pages. Social media is any website that allows social interaction. Social media is growing rapidly throughout the world.

More adults and teenagers are joining sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter to. Social Media Essay, Communication is an essential part of the human life when it comes to interacting and developing our society. Ever since we can remember we have used communications on different forms: sign language, body language, signal language and written language.

Today however we have taken communicating to a new level. Essay writing is one of the most common forms of scholarly communication. In the course of studying ‘media and communication’ the student learns various modes of communication applicable to various media. However, as with all scholarly activity, he/she will be expected, more often than not, to.

Media analysis essay, writing guide for students with examples, killarney10mile.com The media analysis essay can work to identify messages, framing of messages, and also improving an existing issue.

Argumentative Essay: Is Social Media Addictive?

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Write an essay on media
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