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She believes this all the while failing to understand her reality within the story: I suppose the third revelation takes place in the seance scene. Are they still surrounded? The children scream that they are not dead.

We see this when Anne is possessed by the old lady from the other side. How to limit the arena to just this castle and the surrounding forest? The next morning he is gone again.

The mystery thickens when we learn that Mrs Mills has served in this house before. Before leaving, Grace instructs Tuttle to check a small nearby cemetery to see if there was a family buried there who had a little boy named Victor.

Suddenly, a trio of friendly caretakers arrive one day. Later, Anne tells Mills that "mummy went mad" after the previous servants left. This is a family who needs to exist in a big house with no electricity.

Overall, I found "The Others" a highly entertaining thriller with magnetic milieus and plenty of startles. Notice again we have a reflection — a double house in a double world. Even when faced with evidence to the contrary, Grace turns back to the bible, refusing to believe in supernatural things.

Remember that horror is one of the most metaphorical of genres, so there will be messages behind the story that you have to dig for a little bit.

After leaving, an annoyed Mills asks Tuttle to uncover the gravestones. Add your rating See all 53 kid reviews. The servants appear and try to speak to the children, who retreat. The housekeeper questions the severity of the punishment. This comes after the scene in which she attacks her when dressed in her confirmation dress.

Grace accuses the servants of removing the curtains and banishes them.

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At night, Grace witnesses a piano playing itself and becomes convinced that the house may be haunted. Apparent defeat It seems Grace has lost everything when her daughter is defiant.

The Others

Why does Grace scream? The island is, by definition, a separated place.The Others is a haunted house movie which borrows a twist from older ghost stories. Fog, its 'island' setting and character web make for a great story. The Others (Spanish: Los Otros) is a horror-thriller film.

It was written, directed, and scored by Alejandro Amenábar. It stars Nicole Kidman and Fionnula Flanagan. The film is partly based on The Turn of the Screw. The film won eight Goya Awards, including awards for Best Film and Best Director. This movie is chilling, very spooky, with a few moments that will make you jump, but it's a movie that works itself up, and by the end of the movie you feel scared, and like someone has zapped you a few times, chilly from inside out, but fulfilled.

The Others is a modern horror film with an old-fashioned touch, relying on suggestion and suspense to generate fear%.

The Others (2001)

Aug 10,  · "The Others" is a haunted house mystery--from which you assume, trained by recent movies, that it is filled with flashy special effects, violent shocks, blood-curdling apparitions, undulating staircases, telescoping corridors, graves opening in the basement, doors that will not lock or will not open, and dialogue like "There's /5.

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The others movie review
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