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Edna tries her hardest to conform to the Creole society in order to try to regain her happiness from lack of freedom. Pontellier wants to break free from her husband but she reminds The awakening term paper of the consequences of her actions. One area Chopin could have improved on is the character of Mrs.

Essay/Term paper: The awakening: public controversy

Learning to swim gave Mrs. She returned to St. Due to the oppressive lifestyles of women in the s, and their inability to gain access to many professions, marriage was the only method through which many women at that time could insure their economic future.

All of her colleagues shunned her and put her on a black list of sorts for writers. Time and time again, women have been thought of as being mere objects; to be seen and not heard.

Pontlierre is while showing what type of society everyone is living in at the time. Tone, like style, helps the reader understand the characters and what they represent. However, when Edna does something that contradicts the well-established Creole social code, Leonce becomes disappointed and frustrated.

Pontellier literally and figuratively the freedom to choose. Because of the time that Chopin lived in: In discovering her own passions, she moves with resolution away from the constricting roles of womanly sainthood demanded by society. While she is in an unhappy marriage, Edna does not make things better when she allows herself to fall in love with Robert.

This can be seen when first Mrs. Pontellier committed suicide because she wanted to express her right to love another man not her husband and leave behind the limits marriage placed on her.

The Awakening

Chopin moved to New Orleans after her marriage and lived there for twelve years until the death of her husband. Pontellier gradually sees her dependence on her husband and makes successful efforts to assert her independence. Kate Chopin, The social pressure to conform was so strong that Mrs.

They wore an excessive amount of clothing and never exposed themselves in public or otherwise. Pontellier gained freedom because she recognized her limits and therefore could find ways of escaping. This showed that Mrs. She also becomes fully aware that she is living in a time where women are expected to be content living the life of a wife and a mother and not want for anything else.

She is considered a piece of property and it is this particular scene where Edna begins to question her life and continues to throughout the novel.

It was presumably the unconventional trouncing of marital life that resulted in the severe criticism of the novel. Most critics and readers of that era felt the same way as this critic did. It was not until the s that American female voices such those of Margaret Fuller, Stanton and Chopin began in their own ways to urge women to seek economic and social equality Martin-Bowen.

In breaking away from her marriage and leaving her marital home, Edna establishes herself as an individual, and begins to relish the moments of her disobedience to the vows previously held unquestionable and sacred. For the woman of the house in those days, there was little to enjoy with the exception of the simplest pleasures ranging from an occasional box of bon-bons sent by the traveling husband, or going for a chaperoned swim in the ocean.

For instance, she tells Robert that even if Mr. Rarely is such extreme reaction achieved unless the subject matter has deep roots tapping into the unspoken truth, and in this situation, the truth being dealt with was that of female oppression. Edna realizes that Leonce no longer matters to her and that she would be much happier if she were with Robert.

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We know that marriage and family do not fulfill her. One might have gotten the impression that Edna walked alone so much because she was so in love with Robert Leburn and that she withdrew from nearly everyone while he is away in Mexico because she was in love with him.

As she becomes filled with self-awareness, she discovers that in satisfying her expected roles as obedient wife and doting mother, that the greater portion of her being has been left unfulfilled - her personal identityher human being-ness.

An indescribable oppression, which seemed to generate in some unfamiliar part of her consciousness, filled her whole being with a vague anguish. Chopin was already an established and popular writer at this time and to her great disappointment, her short novel met with immediate disapproval from literary critics, some of whom declared it to be "shocking" and "immoral.

It was he who, in his attentiveness, taught Edna how to swim. He treats her with a great deal of authority, and Edna more and more often refuse to obey his commands, such as keeping visiting hours for company on Tuesdays. The entire content is relevant to the time frame it was written, expressing ideas of the forthcoming feminist movement and creating an awareness of what was happening to the women of the early nineteenth century.

Pontellier were to tell Robert he could have her, she "would laugh at you both" The romantic love which allows the woman to endure dependence on her husband is the promise of fulfillment and that it denies that there is a conflict of power and equality in marriage. It helps Chopin to express her concerns of the world through the characters.Excerpt from Term Paper: Awakening, which might have been more aptly titled, The Sexual Awakening shocked the delicate and rigid sensibilities of Kate Chopin's contemporaries ofalthough many of those contemporaries were slowly experiencing awakenings of their own.

Example Literary Research Paper Michelle Carerra Professor Krickstein English October 15, The Awakening of Gabriel Conroy Like the stories in Dubliners that lead up to it, “The Dead” dramatizes a moment of self-realization.

Kate Chopin’s novel, The Awakening, is both complex and subtle.

Many research papers of the book focus on the protagonist, Edna Pontellier, and her need to break free from the restraints of society in order to pursue her goals. Essay The Awakening: Public Controversy The Awakening, written by Kate Chopin, was a book that was truly ahead of its time.

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