The age of napoleon

The emperor does move backstage at times — in the chapters on English poetry and novels, for instance — but he is never completely gone. Until about he exhibited exceptionally good judgement on the battlefield and on the march, even knowing when to quit and make peace. Meanwhile, Napoleon rushed back to Paris to raise new forces.

But on the bad side, France was almost constantly at war.

The Age of Napoleon

It forced many previously honest and law abiding people to become smugglers. He gathered a large fleet and an army and sailed for Egypt.

But even his mistakes would help to bring about a new understanding in Europe that Europeans were much better working together than fighting among themselves. The other reason was the nature of Napoleon himself. Stability and security, but without a return to the ancien regime.

He attempted to rule justly, and scientifically. His concordant with Rome, for instance, re-established the Catholic Church in France, albeit in a corralled form. During the early years of the revolution many of the officers The age of napoleon had been The age of napoleon left the country, leaving a wide avenue of advancement for ambitious young men.

He also had a facility for choosing commanders. It has report suggestions, chapter quizzes, and a final examination. Napoleon, though he could build great fleets, could not match the superb seamen of the British Navy. The result is not a military history, however; there are no maps of battles.

They set up Napoleon as First Consul, and two years later Consul for life. Although Napoleon kept faith with some of the past as convenient -- his concordant with Rome, for instance -- the Durants observe that in his army and state, merit reigned, allowing even commoners to advance.

He knew how to feed and clothe an army. When Napoleon demanded that Alexander cease and desist, Alexander refused. The Significance of Napoleon Napoleon is often called the first modern dictator because of the way he seemed to mobilize all of the resources of the state.

The Russians refused to bow, and Napoleon, at the head of an army of around a million men, entered Russia in Perfect for high school level study.

There was now equality under the law, and perhaps most importantly, the peasants had gained land from the dissolution of the church and the dispossession of the nobility.

He went to a military school at Brienne. This was the notion that it was best for Britain if no single power dominated the continent of Europe. He was a stunning success, destroying the Austrian forces, and confiscating the rich treasuries of northern Italy, helping pay for the costly war.

The Age of Napoleon Podcast

But Napoleon represented for Frenchmen not just the gloire of military adventurism, but a cementing of many of the most important aspects of the revolution.

Britain fielded great generals, efficient armies, and perhaps most importantly a powerful fleet. The people of France responded to his call, but it was not enough. He had included the church in the ceremony, but he would have everyone know that he was Emperor, not by the grace of God, but by dint of his own efforts.

He was a master of logistics. Inwith Napoleon enjoying one of his greatest triumphs — the subjugation of Prussia, and the pretended friendship of Russia — the Durants pause to cover both French and English culture, including one hundred pages on English poetry alone. After several battles, the French were overwhelmed.

Corruption and incompetence was still endemic. As usual, I was impressed with their critical but forgiving evaluation of Napoleon, whom they regard as one of the singular men of history. Beethoven, of course, merits a full section of his own.

Although he was a superb politician, he also was quick to resort to military force, perhaps because he was so successful on the battlefield. The government still spent far more than it took in revenues. The Durants open with a more involved chronicle of the French revolution that concluded Rousseau and Revolution, this one making more obvious that the revolution was a slow but quickening crumbling of royal legitimacy that collapsed into the chaos of revolution after a few sudden shocks.

He had been much influenced by the philosophes of the Enlightenment.The Age of Napoleon (The Story Of Civilization #11), Will Durant The series ends with The Age of Napoleon because the Durants both died – she in her 80s and he in his 90s – before they could complete additional volumes/5.

The Age of Napoleon. STUDY. PLAY. Early Life. Born in Corsica and rose to fame as a military general in the French army for his victories in Italy and Egypt and the defeat of the Austrian and Prussian armies. Abbe Sieyes. Member of the Directory who helped Napoleon's coup d'etat and helped Napoleon establish a government led by three.

The latest Tweets from The Age of Napoleon (@AgeofNapoleon). A history podcast about the Napoleonic era. St Helena, CA. With Napoleon as Consul and later Emperor, the French state was given energetic leadership and astute generalship between and This was a mixed blessing.

France received a new code of laws, to be known ever after as the Code Napoleon. The Age of Napoleon is a history podcast about the life and career of Napoleon Bonaparte as well as the general context of Europe between the early eighteenth and early nineteenth century.

It is about big trends and the grand sweep of history, as well as the smaller, individual stories that bring them to killarney10mile.coms: 4. This item: The Age of Napoleon: A History of European Civilization from to (Story of Civilization by Will Durant Audio CD $ Only 8 left in stock (more on the way).

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The age of napoleon
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