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SS are of two types viz. Changes to Network Structure This section is intended to provoke consideration of how your providers manage changes to their network infrastructure.

LTE frame is divided based on time slots on time axis and frequency subcarrier on frequency axis. Q23 Do you have primary and alternate methods for contacting your provider e.

These questions are very useful as viva questions also. Physical channel corresponds to a set of resource elements used by the physical layer.

Q21 Do you test it regularly? Q20 Do you provide Telecom questionaire power on your own premises? SRS is used for channel quality estimation purpose. Contact in a Crisis This section is intended to provoke consideration of how you will contact your service provider s in the event of a catastrophic impact to the national telecommunications network.

In this case, it is possible that circuits supplied by different providers have a common routing. Q30 Have you assed the bandwidth requirements to maintain the business in the event of an evacuation of the main office? DRS is used for sync and channel estimation purpose. Top 10,12,15 Interview Questions and Answers.

This helps UE always camped on to the best cell all the time. RS are of two types viz. Continuity of operation of a business will typically be dependent on the availability of these business critical services. Q32 Has your corporate remote access server facility been scaled to accept simultaneous connection requests from key workers in an evacuation situation?

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Q24 Have you supplied your provider with alternative contact details for your own response teams? It is common practice within the Telecommunications industry for local access circuits between the core network and customer premises to be provided by a third party. Q14 Do you know if critical services are routed via different network components so that a failure of one component will not affect all critical services?

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Resilience in Converged Networks: Homeworking Do not assume that because many of your employees have high speed broadband at home they will be able to work effectively in the case of a pandemic situation or a long term mass evacuation.

Services This section is intended to provoke consideration of the Telecom questionaire telecommunications services used by your organization. Q4 Can your organisation and your provider agree on a unique identifier for each critical service or circuit? In the event that more than one provider is used, this questionnaire can be used to provoke discussion of how the providers cooperate to minimize and mitigate risk.

Q3 Can you identify the telecommunications services that support your critical systems? New Services It should not be assumed that using two providers will guarantee separation. Q11 Do all of your services leave your premises in the same cable? Q2 Do you have a full and complete list of your business-critical telecommunications services, and the systems that support them?

Q19 Do you receive notification from your provider regarding network updates, proposed engineering downtime or other changes to the status quo? Channels are further divided into control channel and traffic channel at logical channel stage.

Resource block is the smallest unit of resource allocation in LTE system. Network Routing This section is intended to provoke consideration of how your business critical services are connected into the wider infrastructure.

Explain LTE network architecture and various interfaces. Synchronization signal is used as preamble sequence in LTE for synchronization purpose. Q18 Do you regularly review your specific resilience requirements with your provider?The Annual Questionnaire System ( Annual Questionnaire Program For Reporting Revenues For Calendar Year AQS) is now available.

The due date for submitting the completed questionnaire is April 2, Telecom Questionaire Questionnaire for Global Business Development Profile We are pleased to intimate to you that we are considering you the above vacancy. Please complete the following questionnaire and return it to us. This Self Assessment Questionnaire has been produced by CPNI in conjunction with a number of telecommunications providers to facilitate discussions between the customer and the provider(s) on the resilience of Telecommunications Services as part of a risk assessment exercise.

Questionnaire examples and sample templates. Pro sign up Send a survey free. Do you want to write a survey questionnaire, but need a. Telecom Solutions VoIP Questionnaire To get started on VoIP technology, complete our form with as much information as you can so we can get to know your voice and network requirements better.

VOIP PRE-QUALIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE Thank you for your interest in VOIP Technology. This exciting product will bring a new level of service to your telecommunication needs, help reduce your costs and increase your productivity. Please answer as many questions as.

Telecom questionaire
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