Short essay on problem of unemployment in india

It can be due to technological changes in an automated industry Short essay on problem of unemployment in india due to lack of adequate skills by the workers.

Thus the result of unemployment comes in the form of non development of nation. If not, the problem of unemployment will create difficulties for the development of the country. These antisocial elements and separatists target unemployed youths for destabilizing our country using them as tools creating mayhem.

India is the underdeveloped country and trying to overcome various social issues existed here since many years, unemployment is one of them and is still becoming the reason for non development of nation.

The country has not become so industrialized that it can accommodate the unemployed youth. Next Story Essay on Necessity is the Mother of If population decreases, then automatically everyone will get the job in India.

Everyone should do the help, who are the well-settled people; they can help to the unemployed people to start the new business.

Unemployment is on the increase. Every effort must be made to check the rapid rise in population. Sometime they are forced to choose the way of crime and violence to get income for the survival of their family. All the essays are in simple and easy language with brief description on Unemployment in India.

Population should be controlled in manner to provide more job opportunities for limited people. Development of rural areas is required to prevent the migration of people from those places so that they can get the opportunity of job without moving from there.

As they do not possess any technical and practical training, they only try to find clerical job which are not sufficiently according to the increasing number of educated persons.

The problem of unemployment is going to have a multifaceted effect on the society. In this way very serious problem of unemployment may be saved to a great extent.

Unemployment is the situation when people are unable to find a suitable job or any kind of other occupation for earning the monthly income needed for the survival of their family. When you speak from the heart you might fumble once or twice but it connects with your audience.

Introduction Unemployment is one the major problems faced by India. To overcome this situation of unemployment in India various ways can be find out some of these are: If our population grows at percent pace, there is no doubt we ill be surpassing China in the years to come and the employment opportunities for our coming generation will become still more bleak.

On the other hand, an unemployed youth may prove to be disastrous to a society. They create pressure on the civic amenities of these cities.

Short essay on solutions to Unemployment Problems in India

There is the lack of work facility among the people. The lives of such people, as well as of their families, are extremely miserable. That sounds like a robot, your audience will not connect with it. There are various factors behind the unprecedented growth of unemployment.

When people multiply, there raises the problems of unemployment and it becomes difficult for government to provide employment to a sufficient number of people. Such system and conditions make the lower service for the unemployed people, even there educated people are also searching the job, after their interviews, few people gets the job, remain becomes unemployed.

Unemployment has been the biggest reason for other major issues in India like poverty, financial crises, increased crime and non development of society. At present, every man and woman wants a job in offices.

To tope it, the Government has decided to abandon the 2-child norm. There are various factors that are responsible for unemployment i country. It will be so helpful for that unemployed person to get the opportunity. Lack of Alternative Employment for Agriculture Workers In rural areas of India, agricultures is the main occupation and it employs most of the people in rural areas.

Development of education system should be in such manner that student would get practical and technical knowledge while pursuing the professional studies from any professional educational institutes along with the opportunity of college campus selection for getting good job opportunity.

Let us implore them one by one. Unemployment can also be due to fluctuation in the economy. The problem must, therefore, be put on a war-footing and the maladies afflicting our social, economic and political life must be immediately attended to.

Family planning should be made productive. Every able bodied man and woman must get employment. Let us look into the solutions for this problem.Mar 14,  · Unemployment in India Short Speech, Essay, Paragraph & Article. by Ajay Chavan. Unemployment is a major problem faced by developing countries like India.

The level employment signifies the health of the economy of the country. Article Essay Paragraph Speech Unemployment in India. You may also like/5(13).

Essay On The Problems Of Unemployment In India.

The problem of unemployment is going to have a multifaceted effect on the society. Unemployment in the society has led to increase in the crime rate, increase in the poverty rate, and deterioration in the health standards of the people.

Unemployment is an increasing day by day in India. At every country, this is the major problem of unemployment. In India, there are some people are surviving from the unemployment. Unemployment means under-utilization or non-utilization of available man-power.

In India the problem of unemployment is very acute. In the cities there are millions of educated people who either have no job or are forced to take up some work which is not commensurate with their capabilities.

Unemployment in India Short Speech, Essay, Paragraph & Article

Short Essay on Unemployment. In this category, three essays are given withand words count. All the essays are in simple and easy language with brief description on Unemployment in India.

Short essay on The Causes of Unemployment in India (free to read) words essay on Unemployment Problem in India (Free to read) Words Essay on the Problem of .

Short essay on problem of unemployment in india
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