Reflection paper retreat

The retreat has been a tremendous life saver for me since I am almost a recluse because of caring for my husband who is bedridden.

Self-Reflection Naikan Retreat

These reflections, and the on-line retreat help me to keep my focus. There was a moment of random humor as well.

Then they continue to reflect for three year periods ageage and so on. The readings never fail to minister to me. Having gone through this retreat, it gave us a new perspective in our sacramental vocation and aided us in our presentation greatly. I think this site is absolutely wonderful!!! The pictures were a great enhancement.

My life is percent graced by your retreat Yes!! The material was very helpful to me. This retreat provides an unusual opportunity to step back and examine your life.

If that event can happen, other areas of my life can become better with trust in God and his promises. In my earlier years he was always "way up there". I have so much to be thankful for.

But again my trust was broken, this time by the Presbyterian pastor who led our new church plant. The resources are consistently rich and insightful, and reading and reflecting on them offer me frequent points of connection with themes in my life.

The grace to hand myself over to the care of God, to acknowledge the anger and pride in my heart and to realize that everything is gift and part of the path that will bring me closer to Jesus.

I feel less bitterness about some areas of my life and more grateful in others.

The best part was the wallpaper each week. I was very surprised to discover that there was background time in my day that could be put to good use. I had lost it in a sea of bad memories.

This retreat has helped me refocus on my walk with Jesus, to fall in love with Him all over again, the graces are a deep peace and a knowing what is really real in life.Open Document. Below is a free excerpt of "Reflection Paper on Retreat" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Last January I had my retreat at Casa Mamre in Merida.

Spiritual Formation (Reflection Paper)

Leyte. I treated it as a mini or short holiday from my busy and nerve-racking mundane school life. Well. that was my initial return on my retreat twenty-four hours until I eventually came to the realisations the remembrance had offered me during Read More. The retreat was the occasion for several moments of grace given to me; insights that I would not have had, but for the reflection in solitude when God had an opportunity to get a word in edgewise!

A bond has been established with Our Lord which is not so easily destroyed by distractions. Sample Reflection Paper for TLC TLC1: Spiritual Formation in the Kingdom of God. By a Pastor’s Wife ~ May 9, Pastors, ministry spouses, leaders, spiritual directors and others who participate in Soul Shepherding’s two-year retreat-based training in “To Love Christ” can earn a certificate in “Spiritual Formation and Soul Care Ministry.”.

Retreat Reflection Research Paper Last March, I had my retreat at the Capuchin Retreat Center at Lipa, Batangas.

I treated it as a mini or short vacation from my busy and stressful everyday school life. Your completed template form and content should be a CRITICAL reflection of the paper/ chapter content but NOT merely summarize what you have read.


Reflection paper retreat
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