Raiders night book report

Koslo sends a limo to take the two boys to a Yankees game so they can relax and talk. He glided like a phantom. Matt Rydek is co-captain of the Nearmount football team. This is not good news for Ramp, the other co-captain, who is also a tight end. Chris stands up to them and displays phenomenal athletic ability.

But where my information gathering ultimately led me was to an exploration of hazing and ritual and the necessity of devising bonding rituals that really create community.

He opened the door before Matt knocked. The bottom line, as Matt eventually figures out, is that you are dealt what you are dealt, and the measure of a young man is who he decides he is going to be and what he decides he is going to stand for, irrespective of the influence exerted by parents or peers.

If we stay healthy and tight, Matt thought, this could be our season. He said if this happened again then everyone involved would not be able to play in the remainder of the games left in the season.

My first inclination was to find more about anabolic steroids and Vicodin, the two drugs being used regularly by Matt Rydeck, the Nearmont high school senior around whom the story revolves. Matt realizes the adults know more than they are letting on, but they hint that everything has to be kept quiet or the team will fold.

But Matt has no idea just how far Ramp intends to take his harassment. Matt tells Chris to put the past behind him and really become part of the team. This represents where the team is now and where they want to be at the end of the season.

This book is about a high school football team that has a summer camp to get prepared for the upcoming season.

Robert Lipsyte

Raiders Night Chapter One The Back Pack hit the gym in the early afternoon, Matt in the lead, before the yuppies marched in from work, while the young moms were rushing out to pick up their kids from day camp. Back at home, Matt tries to block out the incident, yet he and his friends are still wondering what they should do about it.

A teammate does something seriously harmful or against the law? A whole week of nothing but football and the guys. The setting of the novel takes place in Nearmont High School which is a small town. He goes to the scheduled football workouts, and makes friendships with every member of the football team.

And so Ramp who is also pumped up on steroids, besides just being a garden variety jerk decides to make things difficult for Chris. In order to get to the camp, they have to take a bus.

Olympic sprinters used steroids and growth hormone all the time. This year, a new, promising player is joining them. If you like sports books, than you should read Raiders Night by Robert Lipsyte.

He was their leader. He still had the shape of a bodybuilder even if the muscles had shrunk and softened. On the last night of camp, the traditional hazing turns into a sexual assault, which all the seniors witness.

He stabbed a needle through the rubber top of a bottle and slowly drew out the oily, yellow liquid. But he only dares to defy his father in little ways, because his father is not a man who takes defiance well.

Ready for the men? Tyrell lived with his grandmother or at least used her address so he could attend Nearmont. This is a person vs.

Raiders Night Summary & Study Guide

Lipsyte exposes the underbelly of high school sports—where racism, drug use, misogyny and bullying are shrugged off so long as the team wins. The protagonist of the story is Matt Rydek and he plays football, and goes to parties with his teammates.

Not a yard bomb to me or a handoff to Tyrell, but a heroic scramble out of a collapsing pocket and a desperate lunge over the goal-line. The camp is the old place where the football team goes for a week of intense training and lifting.

He flexed when he thought no one was looking. Brody, who is friends with Pete is big and freckly faced. It makes Ramp even more angry, and at the freshman initiation, he rapes Chris with a bat, stunning Matt and the others.Raiders Night Author: Robert Lipsyte Young Adult Raiders Night a book taken place in a town called Nearmont takes us through the eyes of a football team and how they have their down falls.

As a. Raiders Night Summary & Study Guide Description. Raiders Night Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book.

Raiders Night

This study guide contains the following sections. Raiders Night has ratings and 97 reviews. Tyler said: The book I choose to read was Raiders Night by Robert Lipsyte.

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FREE Shipping on $ or more! Specialists - Summer Reading ; The Barnes & Noble Book Club ; Favorite Paperbacks: Buy 2, Get the 3rd Free Get Ready for School!Price: $ Oct 21,  · Raider's Night by Robert Lipsyte 4Q, S (Senior High School) Strong language, drinking, language, sexual situations, and a graphic scene of sexual hazing but Ramp maneuvers things so that Chris is right with the freshmen when the hazing begins on Raiders Pride Night, the last night of camp.

Raider's Night is a book I Author: Miriam.

Raiders night book report
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