Questionnaire on gsm or cdma

This is an important restriction to remember when going with a CDMA network. In wireless systems, fading can be due to multipath, called multi-path fading. A duplex method by which the Uplink and the Downlink transmissions are carried over the same frequency using synchronized time intervals.

Power control is capable of compensating the fading fluctuation. This is called as the RAKE receiver. This can result in several handovers. Received power from all MS are controlled to be equal. CDMA system uses a signal fast chip rate for spreading spectrum and it has a high time resolution.

In FDMA when the channel is not used, it is the channel bandwidth while rest simply is relatively narrow 30 KHzknown as System narrowband.

Comparison of mobile phone standards

Can I cancel my order? As the sum of the power received and transmitted from a base station needs constant tight power control. Framing for FDMA or synchronization bits are not needed for the tight filter streaming. There are various ways handover happens in GSM viz. When you sign a contract for cellular service, you also sign away your freedom.

National Mobile Station Identity It is the overlapping of repeater coverage ones, which enables every cell phone set is always well within the range of a specific repeater. Refer Inter RAT handover to know more. Frequency hopping is a spread spectrum in which the propagation takes place by hopping in frequency over a wide band.

With that said, GSM is concentrated around a core of four bands, those being, and Explain Similar to reverse link power control, forward link power control is also necessary to maintain the forward link quality to a specified level.

Delayed versions of time a chip or later of the signal multipath signals can be collected and used to make decisions at the bit level. As more and more couples talk, the background noise representing the noise floor gets louder, but because of the difference in languages, conversations do not mix.

This causes an added signal noise forcing all users to use more power, which in exchange decreases cell range and battery life. So much so that we use them literally everywhere to have a shorter way to name something. The basic principle is that different CDMA codes are used to distinguish between different users.

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Explain types of handover. The users are multiplexed in the frequency domain by allocating specific sub-bands to individual users. Hardware implies narrowband filters, which cannot be realized in VLSI and therefore increases the cost.

It is mandatory for the receivers to know about the issuer code word. All radio access technologies have to solve the same problems:Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) The Concept of signal spreading and its uses in communications Let’s take a stright forward binary signal of symbol rate 2.

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CDMA - Questions and Answers

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(GSM & CDMA) Telephony Services ( KB) pdf Internet Service Providers (ISP) ( KB).

Gsm Fundamentals

Comparison of mobile phone standards. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This article needs additional Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM, around 80–85% market share) and IS Code-division multiple access (CDMA).

GSM and CDMA are different ways to accomplish the same goal. The fact that extremely popular networks are built on each simply proves that it’s the quality of the network, not the standard, which is important.

Questionnaire on gsm or cdma
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