Ponty chadha business plan

Early life[ edit ] During the partitiona person named Kulwant Singh Chadha migrated from Pakistan to set up a mini sugar mill in the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. These women have all broken stereotypes and ruled in style.

An intervention from the Home Ministry has been sought as to why Delhi Police was not intimated. Be it education, healthcare, nutrition or security, our anxious efforts to embrace every sector is backed with the sole objective of fostering a better tomorrow for the underprivileged which encompasses infants, children, farmers, women, youth and elderly.

The list goes on. A day after liquor and real estate baron Ponty Chadha and brother Hardeep died in a shootout at a Delhi farmhouse, uncertainty hangs over his massive business empire estimated to be worth several thousand crores. Death[ edit ] Ponty Chadha, died on 17 November and his death remains mired in mystery.

He had business interests in real estate, sugar mills and film production and his company was called the Wave Group. Having realised their limitless potential, women the world over have refused to let anything hold them back. Another Chadha company has the sole contract for supplying midday meals under the child development scheme in Uttar Pradesh.

Jatinder Kaur Latest Blogs. According to the petition, the Uttar Pradesh government was misusing its powers by acquiring land from them in The cause of the death is said to be crossfire between him and brother Hardeep, though varied accounts of the incident can be found. Next came a sugar-crusher in Uttar Pradesh.

Ponty Chadha

The petition was filed by 94 farmers whose land was acquired by the state government. Ponty Chadha rose to prominence in a very short span of about 10 years, giving rise to suspicion about the source of his wealth and political leanings.

Many studies prove that women, in general, are also mentally stronger than men. As a man, he went on to manage the entire Wave Group. Alongside academic learning, it trains children on art and handicraft for all-round development.

Contributing in Rural Sanitation To spread the awareness for basic hygiene in villages, the Ponty Chadha Foundation will use channels like hoardings, billboards, pamphlets, banners mass meetings and household contact drives for safe sanitation campaigns in selected areas of Noida and Ghaziabad.

How Ponty Chadha built a Rs 10,000 crore business

We constantly seek government and private sector funding and continuously strive to tie-up with various organizations to create employment opportunities for the trained candidates. Natural multitaskers, they are an asset to any organisation in this competitive world.

PTI He owns malls under Centrestage brand.

Families of Ponty and Hardeep stand united at 'starry' prayer meet in gurdwara

One of the arguments is that disputed ownership over a piece of property led to the crossfire; speculations in the media of the brothers being in loggerheads over the family business were also rife, but all these have remained largely unconfirmed in the public domain.

Conducting Health Camps With the belief that every individual of the society, whether rich or poor, has a right to a healthy life, the Ponty Chadha Foundation conducts health camps in several rural areas of Ghaziabad in association with Dr.

A recent CAG report criticised the Mayawati government for selling five state-owned sugar mills to Mr Chadha at a loss of Rs 1, crore to the exchequer.


This led to the monopoly of Chadha group who acquired the license to sell wholesale alcohol single-handedly in the whole state.Rahul Mitra to helm Ponty Chadha's business.

The group is owned by the family of business tycoon Ponty Chadha who was killed in a shootout when his own brother opened fire at him.

Be bold to take decisions to improve an aspect of your own livelihood, career or business. Celebrate the achievements of women on international Women's day.

NEW DELHI: Wave Group, founded by Ponty Chadha the controversial businessman who was killed in a shootout last November, has drawn up plans to aggressively grow its real estate business as it seeks to shift the focus from liquor distribution, the group's traditional mainstay.

A new corporate. This is all you wanted to know about Liquor baron Ponty Chadha. This is all you wanted to know about Liquor baron Ponty Chadha.

Apple. He had business interests in real estate, sugar mills and film production and his company was called the Wave Group.

Ponty Chadha's Wave Group shifts focus to realty with new identity and professional team

The group's plan is to set up a Rs 10, crore integrated township 'Wave City Centre. Liquor baron-turned-business tycoon Gurdeep Singh Chadha, popularly known as Ponty Chadha, was shot dead by his brother yesterday in an bitter property dispute that also ended with the death of.

Chadha's expansion into transport biz Adie Broswon Corporation, Gurdeep Singh (Ponty) Chadha's group of companies, was slowly establishing as a player in transport business .

Ponty chadha business plan
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