Performance appraisal and organizational commitment business essay

There is also evidence that performance feedback if given appropriately can lead to substantial improvements in future performance Guzzo et al. The coefficient of correlation was applied to identify the impact of job satisfaction on performance of employees and it was calculated by using level of job satisfaction as the X-variable independent variable and level of performance as the Y-variable dependent variable There is a significant impact of job satisfaction on performance of employees in private sector organizations.

It shows whether the employees get motivated to perform better, if they receive a good feedback or do they get de-motivated and loose interest in their job. The results of the literature review reveal a certain maturity of the literature related to large companies and a significant lack of PMM literature for SMEs.

Performance appraisal has basically two important purposes, from an organizational point of view: Providing the necessary training session, this would help the employees to possess the relevant knowledge and skill to perform better in the organization.

Employee Performance Appraisal Literature Review International county management association states that almost all employees are eager to know how well they are doing in their jobs, but many dread the meetings in which their performance is to be discussed. The next question that comes into mind is that who gets more out of the appraisal process the organization or the employees?

Saddam Hussain December - Malik, Saleem and Ahmad explained employee satisfaction with work as the degree to which an employee likes his or her job.

Employees who are in higher levels tend to derive more satisfaction from intrinsic rewards while, employees who are in lower levels tend to derive more satisfaction with extrinsic rewards JAY.

MBO is used in planning process i.

To obtain the required data, the questionnaire method is chosen as it affords the advantages of speed, cost and versatility. Fletcher and Baldry Special emphasis was given on the importance of 1 goal specificity and goal challenge, 2 participation in goal setting to increase goal acceptance, and 3 self and supervisory feedback on performance.

The rater has to mark the employee on the basis of certain scale which best describes the employees performance in the organization.

Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale was greatly accepted because it made use of specific behaviors which is derived for each job and which would produce relatively reliable and error-free ratings. It was not centered on mutually developed goals or employee career enhancement as is found today.

Improving motivation and morale of the employees, clarifying the expectations and reducing the ambiguity about performance, determining rewards, identifying training and development opportunities, improving communication, selecting people for promotion, managing career growths, counseling, discipline, planning remedial actions and setting goals and targets.

Easterby smith et al, 3. Latham and Wexley, 2. This was done by accessing the company brochures, web publications, magazines and internet extensively. The use of multiple sources enhances reliability and reduces the negative influence of biased raters. BARS development is a long and arduous process, involving many steps and many people.

She goes on state that appraisals can make clear to employees where they are having success and where they need to improve performance.

The big problem with qualitative data is how to condense highly complex and context-bound information into a format which tells a story in a way that is fully convinced to the reader.

The study was carried out by questionnaires, interviews and observation. The purpose of collecting data, two questionnaires was developed separately for measuring job satisfaction and performance.

Employees who believe that the appraisal system is under any kind of bias and misunderstanding between them and the managers are, most likely to be dissatisfied by their work and can also leave their jobs. It provides adequate training session to employees so that they know their tasks, well in advance and acts accordingly; it helps in encouraging and motivating employees and sees to it that, the employees do their duties well.

He elaborates that appraisal system acts like a boosting factor for the employee to do his job well. She also indicates that appraisals are useful in setting goals and in fostering improved communications among work groups and between employees and supervisors.

The conclusions from this study were that- Criticism leads to create a negative impact on the motivation and performance of the employees. The review is in writing and conveyed during a face-to-face meeting between the manager and subordinate.

Members of the organisation who may be involved in degree review include supervisors, top management, subordinates, co-workers and representatives from other departments who interact with the employee. The first interview, included performance and salary and the second performance included improvement.

But, still HRM has to do another important task is to check whether the performance of the employees is as per the standards or not.

There is greater standardization of items so comparability with other individuals in diverse job categories is possible.

Managers feel that whenever they have to provide a negative feedback, the employee is most likely be dejected and de-motivated.Performance Appraisal System 'The history of performance appraisal system is quite brief.

Its roots in the early 20th century can be traced to. Performance Appraisals in Companies Today - Introduction Nowadays, a lot of companies are emphasizing on employee’s performance.

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They wish to hire an employee with high quality and well performance to run their organization operation. Previous studies have found that positive perceptions of HRM practices lead to positive employee attitudes and behaviors such as job satisfaction (Guest, ), organizational trust, organizational commitment, organizational justice (Greenberg, ).

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Performance Appraisal and Organizational Commitment. the perceived effectiveness of performance appraisal is found to have a positive relationship with work performance and organizational commitment.

Performance appraisal affects the productivity and competitiveness of organization, the results of performance appraisal is an important indicator of personnel decisions and effectively performance appraisal leads to better staff management.

The History Of The Performance Appraisal System Business Essay. The History of the Performance Appraisal System. The purpose of the Appraisal System. The Right method for the best results. Outcomes of the System. Performance Appraisal system for more organizational commitment.

Performance appraisal and organizational commitment business essay
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