One million dollar baby

The film played in theaters for six and a half months. Frankie comes to establish a paternal bond with Maggie, who substitutes for his estranged daughter.

Before her first fight, Frankie leaves Maggie with a random manager in his gym, much to her dismay; upon being told by Scrap that said manager deliberately put her up against his best girl coaching the novice to lose to give her an easy win, Frankie rejoins Maggie in the middle of the bout and coaches her instead to an unforeseen victory.

Million Dollar Baby

But what happened is, she had this great work ethic. She was like a feather. Frankie sneaks in one night, unaware that Scrap is watching from the shadows.

Million Dollar Baby

Cast[ edit ] Clint Eastwood as Frankie Dunn, a gruff but well-meaning elderly boxing trainer. Maggie asks Frankie to train her, but he initially refuses.

If we can get her trained up. The two travel to Europe as she continues to win; Maggie eventually saves up enough of her winnings to buy her mother a house, but she berates Maggie for endangering her government aid, claiming that everyone back home One million dollar baby laughing at her.

Irish for "my darling, and my blood" literally, "my pulse". Frankie is finally willing to arrange a title fight.

It is translated in the film as "my darling, my blood", although an Irish Gaelic translation site states that it is always translated as "pulse", not as "blood".

Several studios rejected the project even when Eastwood signed on as actor and director. Overcoming a shaky start, Maggie begins to dominate the fight, but after a round has ended, Billie knocks her out with an illegal sucker punch from behind after the bell has sounded to indicate the end of the round.

The last shot of the film shows Frankie sitting at the counter of a diner where Maggie once took him, and after having a homemade lemon meringue pie with her, said "Now I can die and go to heaven". Just before administering a fatal injection of adrenalinehe finally tells Maggie the meaning of a nickname he gave her, Mo Chuisle spelled incorrectly in the film as "mo cuishle": Eventually, Frankie takes a risk by putting her in the junior welterweight class, where her nose is broken in her first match.

Frankie begrudgingly accepts a fight for her against a top-ranked opponent in the UK, where he bestows a Gaelic nickname on her. He warns her that he will teach her only the basics and then find her a manager. Eastwood shot the film in less than 40 days between June and July She did not tell Eastwood about the infection because she thought it would be out of character for Maggie.

With prodding from Scrap and impressed with her persistence, Frankie reluctantly agrees to train Maggie. He never returns to the gym. She trained for nearly five hours every day, winding up with a potentially life-threatening staphylococcus infection.

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Million Dollar Baby is classical in the clean, clear, strong lines of its story and characters, and had an enormous emotional impact".

She asks a favor of Frankie: Roger Ebert stated that "a movie is not good or bad because of its content, but because of how it handles its content. Earning a reputation for her KOsFrankie must resort to bribery to get other managers to put their trainee fighters up against her.

Scrap, concerned when Frankie rejects several offers for big fights, arranges a meeting for her with Mickey Mack at a diner on her 33rd birthday. Smith in The Weekly Standard also criticized the film for its ending and for missed opportunities; Smith said, "The movie could have ended with Maggie triumphing once again, perhaps having obtained an education and becoming a teacher; or, opening a business managing boxers; or perhaps, receiving a standing ovation as an inspirational speaker.

Frankie is shown experiencing the first three of the five stages of grief:When a tragedy befalls one of the three characters, each comes to a decision that shows how the relationships in the film have changed them.

Million Dollar Baby also stars Morgan Freeman 90%().

However, "Million Dollar Baby" is one of his better scores, my personal favorite next to "Unforgiven." The first half really is a lot of simple alternations on the same theme, going back and forth between a solo aucoustic guitar /5(15).

"Million Dollar Baby" is a famous sports movie about boxing. Movie is a story about a boxing trainer and his redemption with new girl by training and helping her realize the dream to become a professional boxer. Jan 14,  · Watch video · Million Dollar Baby.

PG | 2h 12min | Drama, Sport | 28 January (USA) Violence and mayhem ensue after a hunter stumbles upon a drug deal gone wrong and more than two million dollars in cash near the Rio Grande.

Maggie's career skyrockets but an accident in the ring leads her to ask Frankie for one /10(K). Million Dollar Baby () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Dec 14,  · "Million Dollar Baby" is Eastwood's 25th film as a director, and his best. Yes, " Mystic River " is a great film, but this one finds the simplicity and directness of classical storytelling; it is the kind of movie where you sit very quietly in the theater and are drawn deeply into lives that you care very much about.4/4.

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One million dollar baby
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