Liberty university educ 200 philosophical essay

For example, if the lesson was about the American Revolution, I could ask the students how they would feel if I mandated that all my students needed to spend four after-school hours doing upkeep work around my home.

On the first quiz, I was totally confused. Also, be warned about the open-book quizzes. Becoming a professional [5th ed.

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When students can see how information relates to their everyday lives, they are more likely to get excited about learning it. Keep in touch with your professor. I lost 10 points on the reflection essay because I did not cite anything. Perhaps, then, they would come to realize, just as I did, that learning can be fun and exciting.

Pay attention to that! One way I could accomplish this in an American History classroom full of uninterested students is by modernizing the historical scenario.

I e-mailed my professor, and he told me not to get bogged down in details but concentrate in learning the major concepts. I acutely lacked the ability to see how the knowledge I was trying to retain had anything to do with me personally.

This was invaluable for me. Well, I found out that the skill being quizzed over was how-fast-can-you-find-the-answer-in-the-book. I would utilize my progressive philosophy of education in the classroom by involving the students through questions and fun activities, by helping them understand what the subjects have to do with them personally, and by integrating their personal interests into the lessons.

Instead, I would begin with a concrete visual aid, and then use questions in such a way that my students would eventually relate the example to the abstract historical topic on their own.

Students are more engaged in the learning process when their teachers connect their interests, which are already exciting to them, to the lesson content. If you have any questions about this course, I will be glad to help you as much as I can.

First, my progressive philosophy of education would lead me to actively involve my students, mainly through asking them leading questions and organizing fun activities. I could then relate this to how the Americans, who had little to no representation in parliament, felt when Britain tried to control their lives in the colonies.

You will write a short paper explaining why the service is necessary. It was the best choice because later, I chose to do the rest of the project about reaching out to the street children in the same city.

Upper Saddle River, NJ: I would also have fun activities planned for the history lessons, such as reenactments of the stories, watching historical films and reading stories based on the topics, and doing lesson-related crafts.

Philosophy of Education

For instance, in the American History class example, if I knew that Mark wanted to be a fireman when he grew up, I could include a snippet in my history lesson about what the original volunteer firefighting service was like.

Why do I have learn this stuff anyway? Second, based on my progressive educational philosophy, I would strive to make knowledge applicable to my students. So, know the layout of the book, try to learn the major concepts, and use the index as needed during the quiz.

What prospective future firefighter would not remember the general events surrounding the Great Chicago Fire if he had been given the chance to research it through his interest of historic fire engines and firefighting methods?GEOG – Introduction to Geography The syllabus for this course from Liberty University Online can be found here, under the Undergraduate/General Education section.

Be warned, reading the text for this course is like reading an encyclopedia. I just got the results for my philosophy of education essay for my EDUC class. This was a lot of fun to research and write, and I absolutely love discussing learning theories and educational practices.

Let's just hope all my ideas are not easier said that done! I received a 98% grade for this essay.

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Liberty university educ 200 philosophical essay
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