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Articles will be judged by NLR staff members on the basis of readability, clarity, organization, and timeliness. However, we can accept essays written in other languages, if they are accompanied by translations in one of the accepted languages.

A16 You will not receive a confirmation email after submitting your essay. Please send your essay Law essay contest 2013. This paper has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. Papers may have more than one author, so long as all authors meet all the other criteria listed here.

Should there be a global system of certifying humanitarian NGOs? End notes are suggested but not required. A8 There are no particular rules regarding formatting. The three winners will be announced at the Lincoln Forum annual meeting in Gettysburg on November 18th.

Write On! 2nd Annual International and Comparative Disaster Law Essay Contest

They can also be written in different languages. The winner of the essay contest will receive: However, all articles submitted must be clearly identified with any applicable copyright or other proprietary notices. The cover sheet will be removed before the essay is read to assure objectivity in the judging process.

Prizes The winner of the contest will receive: Q14 Can I submit my essay in my native language? Content Guidelines must be followed by all entrants to qualify. Ideally, articles should be straightforward and practical, containing useful information of interest to legal and business professionals.

A14 Essays are accepted in English, French, Spanish, German or Japanese only, since these are the only languages the contest organizers and judges can read. All submissions will go through an initial screening process by several readers. As far as we have come, we must remain vigilant to the possible need for further expansion of the concept of equality.

Students are not required to transfer copyright ownership of their winning articles to the NLR. Q9 Can I quote from books or websites? No identification other than the title should appear on the essay itself. The author of any work submitted will retain copyright to his or her entry.

Q4 My essay is a little over words. ABA officers, directors, staff members, members of the ABA Journal Board of Editors and their immediate household or family members, and freelance writers for the ABA Journal who have been paid for articles published after January 1,are not eligible to enter or win.

Endnotes and citations — Any citations should be in endnote form and listed at the end of the article. Unreported cases should include docket number and court. The essay should be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 pages, including citations appearing in Blue Book format as endnotes.

Is there a customary duty to seek international assistance when local resources are overcome by a disaster? The 3 papers with the highest average scores will be reviewed by a final panel of judges, who will agree on a winner and up to three runners-up.

Essays will be judged based on framing and analysis of the issue s discussed, research completed, solutions or practices suggestions and writing style. Should the rules for humanitarian assistance be different in conflicts and disasters?

What is a Law of Life?

A2 No, participation is free of charge. Image size must be at least x pixels.

Page Law’s $1,000 Scholarship Essay Contest

What are the most reasonable and successful governmental approaches to post-disaster compensation to affected persons? The student awarded an Honorable Mention prize will receive: Q2 Is there a fee for participating in this contest?

Central European Time, 31 August Now more than ever, business development skills are expected from law firm associates earlier in their careers.

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

The essay should be typewritten and double spaced on 8. Entrants must be U. The organizers may request formal proof of eligibility.

Co-authored essays are not accepted.Jul 31,  · Essay Contest Winners How did Lincoln’s study and practice of law prepare him for the challenges he would face during his Presidency? Essay Contest Winners. First Prize: Matthew Baker, Bob Jones University. Second Prize: Brian Rose, Truman State University.

About the Law Day Theme Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society. In the United States and around the world, freedom of speech and the press are among the most important foundations for a free society.

UNSW Law Essay Competition The UNSW Law Essay Competition is proudly presented by UNSW Law School, one of Australia’s premier institutions for legal education, and The Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre.

Year 11 and 12 students in Australia are invited to take part in our annual Law Essay Competition. By submitting an essay to this Contest, the entrant agrees to indemnify the Ayn Rand Institute for any claim, demand, judgment or other allegation arising from possible violation of someone’s trademark, copyright or other legally protected interest in.

Art & Essay Contest Winners Law Day Speech by Judge Kenneth B. Povodator - PDF Photos of the Stamford Event Law Day Stamford JD. May 10,  · Rachel was selected as a finalist in the Law Day Essay contest "Proud to Be an American" and represented Silver Creek.

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Law essay contest 2013
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