Impact of mobile communications on construction industry

An example of this is the internal online communication portals, such as those used by universities.

This means that communication can be clearly distributed through a far wider geographical area instantly Sommerville and Craig, A review, a survey, and a criticism.

However, it is not only for health and safety reasons that communication is important in the construction industry. My research skills are excellent and I have written several dissertations and other significant works.

This point is emphasised by Spada: Communication between professionals within a construction project Source: As well as this, the sheer range of roles and professions that exist within numerous areas of the industry, which are frequently required to combine their knowledge while working together on certain projects requires good communication.

Would definitely use the service again. Another example would be through the everyday workings on a construction site, such as non-verbal communication of health and safety information through letters, and signage and, verbally, through word of mouth.

Less variation in documents The easier handling of records Simpler training Easier communication planning and control Better utilisation of documents Burke,p.

More specifically, this would include a range of professionals from project inception, right through to completion, which may include designers, planners, architects, builders, engineers and various others Heyecan and Sima, ; Aladeloba et al.

Burke lists some further benefits: Considering this vast range of professionals, the need for good and timely communication becomes yet more important, as different professions, each dealing with certain aspects of a project, overlap in terms of understanding and levels of competence.

The report then moves onto sections covering the importance of communication in construction and the key communication methods that exist in the industry.

Cherry refers to communication as a process that involves interaction between people through which meaning can be developed and distributed.

For example, at the tendering stage of a project, the key communication instruments would likely involve formal letters, calculations, telephone calls, reports, presentations and contracts in order for the contractor to win a bid to work on a certain project.

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What makes communication at this level even more difficult is the fact that these numerous professionals are often required to collaborate over a very short period of time, which may make it harder to convey information Chen and Kamara, The introduction of technology is seen as a tool which can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communication and the rates at which it can be stored and transmitted Mohamed and Stewart, There are numerous methods available, both traditional and the more modern innovative forms.

This could lead to poor communication of information and delays on a project. For instance, important communication on a construction project would require contractors, employees, colleagues and clients to consistently communicate in order to work towards achieving the objectives of the project Sommerville et al.

Theory and Practice, Taylor and Francis. Furthermore, my professional experiences have equipped me with in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and also education.

The adoption of Electronic Document Management Systems EDMS in some organisations has enabled this by providing a system of structured information which can be easily accessed from anywhere.

The key reason that communication is pivotal in the construction industry is because the industry is dependent upon large amounts of information being transmitted, especially at a rate of intensity and efficiency to meet the demands that many construction businesses require in a highly competitive market Tam, ; Chen and Kamara, Oral communication — spoken messages face-to-face, telephone, presentations, meetings Written Communication — emails, letters, fax, memos, plans, legal documents, reports, manuals Nonverbal Communication Heyecan and Sima,p.Mobile Communications provides wireless communications for the construction industry.

Collaboration Technology to Keep Construction Projects On Schedule and On Budget By: Ty Levine, VP of Marketing and Business Using Communication and Collaboration Technology to Keep Construction Projects On Schedule and On Budget.

The construction industry has been a leader of incorporating mobile communication into the. Impact of Mobile Communications on Construction Industry. Print Reference this. There are many applications of mobile communications in the construction industry.

This report however focuses on the impact of mobile communication technologies in the construction industry. 2. Mobile Communication.

University Impact District Review Board; Victorian Village Commission; Smart Columbus.

Education. About Us. Requested, Accreditation, and Home Inspections: Mobile Food Vendors (Food Trucks,Trailers & Push Carts) School Coordinator Office; Construction Industry Communications. Environmental Impact of Mobile Communications Networks Mobile Technology, Health and the Environment The mobile industry is a relatively low energy intensity industry.

The importance of effective communication in the construction industry ‘Examine the ways that typical construction professionals organise their businesses and the methods by which they communicate with others when involved in .

Impact of mobile communications on construction industry
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