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The female characters within the novel use masquerade, i. Word Count — Bibliography 1. The clients are ostensibly respectable but are often perverted; therefore it is their respectability which acts as their disguise. Out of the ordinary Article Julie Hearn.

His masquerade is dissolving into his true feminine self. His costume in the circus is a leopard skin loincloth which emphasizes his animal like qualities. The Samson we knew at the start of the play would not have carried out such a heroic act.

This illusion is what only the clients should see some might say that Carter is even trying to fool the reader with its disguise and the prostitutes themselves should have avoided believing in the illusion that Ma Nelson had made.

Animal Farm and Essay Carter displays Colonel Kearney as a man who drinks too much and his only motivation is money. For example, when Samson is beating up Walser, Fevvers rescues him by blasting cold water at Samson which is what the Princess used on the tigress. Even though it is obvious that Carter was strongly against the Capitalist America, as she is in favour of Marxism, Liberalism and Feminism, she also displays positive views on America through Walser; she portrays Walser as an amiable and sensitive figure with a great sense of freedom.

The fact that these freaks were put on show for clients signifies the power of the gaze. For example, Sleeping Beauty could represent women dreaming of the new century, as that is what women of that time would have been dreaming of; a time where women would be able to vote.

Nights at the Circus Angela Carter Vintage- 2. Carter could be trying to say that women use their masquerade in order to gain power, whereas the men use their disguise in order to justify them having it. Even though it is situated in a smart area of London, it was far from smart; the museum was really a brothel in disguise.

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It is clear that masquerade and disguise are key elements within the novel. Even though this text can simply be read on one level, the method of using elements of masquerade and disguise means that we as the reader have to deconstruct the text and discover the underlying metaphors and symbols.

A definite sign of his development is when he saves Fevvers and some others from the clowns dance by bringing them into a safe shelter.

Even though some may think that Samson and Walser are very different they are connected in some way; they are both capable of change. Nights at the Circus — York Notes 4.

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He is a businessman who only has profit on his mind. Not only does he act like an animal but he is also treated like one from the other people in the circus.

The male characters use their elements of disguise to hide behind and therefore hiding their true self; this is mainly shown through the clowns. This is an analogy for re-birth birth is a feminine act ; being born again as a new man.

Carter gives this character a pig, Sybil, as his adviser which represents the American government; the use of the pig clearly shows that she is mocking the US government.Flesh and the Mirror: Essays on the Art of Angela Carter, ed. Lorna Sage. Useful links and work online.

Flesh and the Mirror: Essays on the Art of Angela Carter

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Flesh and the mirror : essays on the art of Angela Carter

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This volume of essays commemorates the work of Angela Carter. Her fellow writers, along with an impressive company of critics, discuss the novels, stories and polemics that make her one of the most spellbinding authors of her generation.

The Bloody Chamber Angela Carter. The Bloody Chamber is a collection of short stories by legendary British writer Angela Carter, whose untimely death in brought her work extensive critical attention.

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