Consider the current priorities and approaches to the provision of service for people with disease a

Physical exercise is no more exists in the schedule of the people now days. Elements of the corporate approach i. These steps involve implementing the changes, developing a monitoring and evaluation strategy, and measuring the impact of the changes in services. Immunisation is the technique by which an individual can be made immune of certain infections.

Data suggests that around 80, people die annually because of smoking habits. This prior testing helps in identification of occurrence of disease in an individual so that he can be treated before attainment of that disease.

Service-based activity, such as GP referral rates, bed occupancy, intervention rates Population-based activity such as prescriptions, immunisation coverage, surgical rates Variations in utilisation may be due to a number of factors including: As with the laws of supply and demand, demand for health care increases with supply or accessibility, making demand a generally poor proxy for need.

Some of the other health problems prevailing in UK are: Two of the HIV prevention programs have been introduced. Government needs to implement educational programs to provide people with the knowledge of ill effects of smoking.

Prevalence of disease is the proportion of total population that is affected by that particular disease. This aids them to develop programs that can be implemented for prevention of disease. For example, if a particular area in the country is found to be more susceptible to the Lyme disease, then more resources will be allocated to that area for early treatment of the disease.

That should not be done in one go but can be broken down into smaller period. They have to take steps according to the increase in health issues.

Diseases can be controlled to some extent by educating the population about the prevention techniques and ill effects of the diseases that are found to be widespread in the community. The figure below is showing the percentage of obese and overweight chidren: Environment safety and control aids in disruptions of many diseases.

Therefore, a comprehensive needs assessment should also include an assessment of evidence of effectiveness. HIV is one of them. Sexual health of the population is an important factor to be considered.

Vaccine of a particular disease made an individual resistant to that disease.

Screening is another strategy that can be used to control the diseases in the communities. This program focuses on educating the population regarding the preventive measures that can be used while having sex. Identifying the key stakeholders Identifying what resources are available Step 2: It can be done by vaccination.

Universal screening refers to screening of a particular group from the population. Screening refers to prior medical testing for the disease without observing the symptoms of that disease.

HIV prevention should be a priority for the social care settings so that they can safeguard people from the disease. Both the above stated problems have become the lifestyle of most of the UK population. Demand is also influenced by the supply of services, which is itself influenced by the use of guidelines, and evidence of clinical and cost-effectiveness.

World Health Organization, Below data is showing the percentage of obese, underweight and overweight people from overall diabetic patients. They are not getting time for taking care of their health.

Department of health recommended that one should do physical exercise minutes a week. Determining prevalence rates supports individuals inhealth and social care settings to identify the health needs. Prior knowledge of the cause and effect of the disease proves to very beneficial for the health care individuals in allocating the resources accordingly.

This develops a fat on their body and hence they suffer from obesity. This approach is based on eliciting the views of stakeholders - which may include professionals, patients and service-users, the public and politicians - on what services are needed.

Need, supply and demand all overlap to a degree Figure 1. Identify priorities for change. Many factors influence the health of an individual such as eating habits, intake of substances, exercising, work culture etc.

The below figure shows the trends in the prevalence of obesity in adults:• investigate current priorities and approaches to provision of services for people with disease or illness • explain, using examples, the relationship between causes and requirements for health and social care service provision • analyse the impact of current lifestyle choices in future needs for health and social care services.

The Role of Public Health in Health and social care Regional, national and international perspectives and priorities will be considered. This will be followed by investigating the health and social care provision that is available and then analysing factors that influence the wellbeing of individuals within a care setting.

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(disengament. The uses of epidemiology and other methods in defining health service needs and in policy development This section covers: The uses of epidemiology and other methods in defining health service needs and in policy development.

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Health And Disease In Communities Health And Social Care Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd this means that the approach can become a lot harder since each culture has its own unique characteristics towards health care.

There are current priorities in service provision for those people infected with Chlamydia particularly in. Get affordable online Locus Assignment Help in Unit 2 Public Health in Health Social Care Assignment, Use relevant research to determine current priorities and approaches to the provision of services for people with disease or illness.

Quality of service provision.

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Consider the current priorities and approaches to the provision of service for people with disease a
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