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How Are Sharks and Dolphins Alike?

Dolphins use echolocation by making sounds from their nasal passages. The biggest dolphin species is the orca, otherwise known as the killer whale.

Compare and Contrast Writing ~ Sharks vs. Dolphins!

Sharks are cold-blooded fish that have muscular, streamlined bodies with skeletons which are made up of cartilage. Modern sharks are descended from ancestors that date back to almost million years ago. Sharks can live in deep as well as shallow waters, and their sizes also vary drastically between 15 centimetres Compare contrast essay sharks dolphins deep sea shark and 12 metres whale shark.

Mammal Characteristics Whales and dolphins are mammals and have lungs instead of gills for breathing. Most dolphins are distinguishable by their greyish color, their distinctive snout and the familiar dolphin calls.

Sometimes, there may be instances to identify dolphins as fish as they live in water. More than species of sharks are known worldwide and their existence helps regulate the food chain. The simplest way to explain it is that a Shark is a fish and a Dolphin is an aquatic mammal.

The theory is that dolphins recognize humans as fellow mammals and therefore will come to our aid. They are also popular choices for captivity and breeding, although the rate of survival is often low. While not a natural food source for sharks, humans, especially surfers and their boards, are often mistaken by sharks as large fish due to their poor vision.

They are abundant in many warm and tropical marine habitats while very few live in large rivers known as river dolphins. The blockbuster franchise Jaws has helped popularize the terror over shark attacks, and the decline in their numbers has been attributed to shark hunting and killing carried out by humans.

Difference between shark and dolphin fins Attitude and reputation Sharks and Dolphins also have very contrasting reputations with humans. However, there are distinct differences between whales and dolphins as well that will teach you more about the physical appearance of these marine creatures and how they survive in their environment.

Shark is a cartilaginous fish, whereas the dolphin is a mammal live, in the marine ecosystem. Dolphins often live as social groups and hunt together using echo-location sound waves and echoes emitted to know where objects are located. Some scientists even assert that dolphins are a type of whale, as the two animals have a number of shared characteristics.

They indeed have the most developed electro sense among animals. Sharks do not have swim bladders, but the liver is large and filled with oil and their cartilaginous skeleton is light, providing them a great buoyancy.

The most popular species of dolphins are Killer Whales as featured in the film Free Willyand the Bottlenose Dolphins. Moreover, they use many impressive hunting strategies especially when they in numbers.

This cartilaginous fish Class: This means they have cone-shaped teeth that are designed for eating squid and fish like herring and mackerel. The largest shark is the whale shark while the smallest shark is spiny dogfish shark. Behavior and appearance Physically, their fins look quite similar from a distance, but a shark can have as many as four unpaired fins with a second dorsal fin set farther back from the more prominent first dorsal fin, while a dolphin only has one dorsal fin.

They can prey on any animal within their grasp. Dolphins are very intelligent animals and show playful and friendly behaviors especially when they encounter humans.

Difference between Shark and Dolphin

The size of the sharks varies widely. Sharks are often associated with fear due to the attacks on people that have occurred throughout the years.

Meanwhile, dolphins are often regarded as helpers of humankind, even going as far back as Ancient Greece. They are classified under the order Cetaceans, which also includes whales and family Delphinidae. Some of the most well-known species are the Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark and Tiger Shark — all of which are top hunters in their own ecosystems.

Dolphins have significant long snout or beak which includes interlocking small teeth.

Difference Between Shark and Dolphin

Sharks mainly feed on fish, seals, and penguins. Respiration occurs through the gills and most sharks live about 20 — 30 years. Their streamed-line bodies with smooth body surface make them excellent divers in the sea.

Dolphins are highly social animals and often form herds, which may include as many as one million individuals. Sounds Both whales and dolphins rely on the sounds they make for survival, even though the sounds are utilized differently by each animal.Below is an essay on "The Difference Between Sharks And Whales" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Running Head: Sharks and Whales Sharks and Whales a Comparison Donna Sylvester English Professor Natalie Dougall February 20, Compare and Contrast Writing / Informational Writing and Research / Sharks vs. Dolphins With this engaging project, students will learn about sharks and dolphins, write informational papers about them, compare and contrast the animals, and write a compare and contrast paper.4/5(48).

Sharks and Dolphins: A Compare and Contrast Book and millions of other books are available for instant access. Sharks and dolphins both have torpedo-shaped bodies with fins on their backs. They slice through the water to grab their prey with sharp teeth.

A Compare and Contrast Book (Compare and Contrast Books) Katharine Hall. /5(6). Sharks are often social, but dolphins go well beyond that, forming cooperative groups that work together to hunt or protect each other.

Dolphins are highly intelligent, having one of the largest brains to body mass ratios in the living world. The skeleton of sharks is made of a flexible material called cartilage.

It’s the same stuff that gives structure to your ears and nose. In contrast, whales have a. Compare and Contrast Writing ~ Sharks vs.

Dolphins! Students will learn about baseball and ice hockey, write informational papers about the sports, compare and contrast the sports, and write a compare and contrast paper.

Compare contrast essay sharks dolphins
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