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Four Best Practices for Strategic Planning

The process continues downward. How should the company adapt to changes in the business environment? Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to strategic planning, we have found that the companies that get the most benefit from their strategic-planning activities have four things in common: This approach not only helps managers get their heads around the new direction the act of creating a written synthesis forces concentration and drives alignment but also pinpoints areas of the organization where the strategy is not well understood—before that misalignment has a chance to affect performance.

Each needs to build a multiyear strategy, but bcg business plan template can the company ensure that the dots connect in the end? Clearly, long-term vision, medium-term strategy, and short-term plans need to be revisited with different frequencies—and those frequencies need to reflect the particulars of the sector.

The focus is on developing clear, actionable business plans that describe the multiyear strategic initiatives required to transform vision into value. The purpose of short-term strategic planning should be to challenge the current strategy, evaluate progress, and explore options to accelerate execution.

Breaking out of this kind of cycle is challenging. It is important that bcg business plan template teams and the organization overall understand that these initiatives are priorities for the executive committee.

Sometimes, organizational independence is necessary as well. In the first year, it is a big, painful effort. Move down the organization and the signal-to-noise ratio progressively degrades. Successful realization of the strategy would be tracked by upward movement on the chart over time.

Generally, it is important to include key family shareholders in the planning process. They explore strategy at distinct time horizons.

A new process is designed that calls for new analyses to describe the market, competitors, and external trends. Going broad prevents groupthink. He or she interviews the executive team and hears about the pain points in the process: Once the right questions are selected, the leadership team can let go, knowing that the teams are working on the right issues.

What strategic risks and opportunities are revealed when considering future scenarios? A more sustainable solution is to follow the same process year to year but to refresh it with different questions each year. A few months later, managers look back and realize that, despite best intentions, the pressure of day-to-day operations and organizational inertia have kept them from making measurable progress on the new strategy.

Beyond simple slogans, the classic cascading-memo exercise can also be quite powerful. Explore Strategy at Distinct Time Horizons It is important to think about strategy at different time horizons. The best companies break the process into stages that progress from a review of the critical and emerging strategic issues toward a detailed plan for the year and beyond.

The memo charges them to write their own version for their team that expresses the strategy and what it means for their slice of the organization.

Each has different goals and requires different approaches, a different frequency, and the involvement of different people. It starts with the CEO sending to direct reports a one-page memo that summarizes the strategy.

The purpose of medium-term strategic planning should be to enumerate the steps necessary to realize the vision—typically over a three- to five-year period. In a fast-moving tech sector, five years could be too long even for the long term.

The same inputs lead to similar conclusions. What new opportunities could arise and give the organization an opportunity to win? At the same time, powerful analytics increasingly allow you to automate many first-level analyses.

More than ever, companies need to devote time to strategy. At a time when technological progress is blurring industry boundaries, when globalization is expanding geographic horizons, and when new competitors are arising from emerging and adjacent markets, it is more important than ever to be prepared strategically, to be able to look sideways, and to have a sound strategy firmly coupled with a system to translate it into action.

See the right side of Exhibit 2. The process can lead to refreshed long-term visions, adapted or new medium-term strategies, and decisive short-term actions. What are the goals and long-term aspirations of the family? Although the diagnosis is largely right, the prescription is wrong.

Some companies even engage outsiders, among them customers and suppliers, in the process. The other half—translating the strategy into results—can be even harder, particularly when the new strategy involves moves outside the core.

A new chief strategy officer is appointed.In the early ’s the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) developed a model for managing a business units in a report/business plan or other MS-Word document.

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Four Best Practices for Strategic Planning. Is execution above, at, or below plan—and why? Do the plan’s strategic assumptions remain valid? How should the company adapt to changes in the business environment? What are management’s best new ideas to strengthen or adjust the plan?

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Bcg business plan template
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