A rose for emily discussion

Soon after the Reconstruction Era ended inmany Southern communities defiantly regressed to old cultural norms which involved aristocratic ideals founded on those established during the heyday of Southern slave-owning plantations and the marginalization and persecution of black Americans.

April 30, Literary Period: Within a couple of weeks, the odor subsides, but the townspeople begin to pity the increasingly reclusive Emily, remembering how her great aunt had succumbed to insanity.

And I pitied her and this was a salute. Few people see inside her house, though for six or seven years she gives china-painting lessons to young women whose parents send them to her out of a sense of duty.

The day after Mr. Oxford, Mississippi When Published: He tells his drinking buddies that he is not the marrying kind. Table of Contents Plot Overview The story is divided into five sections.

A Rose for Emily Questions and Answers

A rose for emily discussion he dies, she refuses to acknowledge his death for three days. She is required by law to reveal how she will use the arsenic. The townspeople consider their relationship improper because of differences in values, social class, and regional background.

Just as if you were to make a gesture, a salute to anyone: Except for the occasional glimpse of her in the window, nothing is heard from her until her death at age seventy-four.

A Rose for Emily Summary

However, at that point he has been dead for almost a decade. Her father has just died, and Emily has been abandoned by the man whom the townsfolk believed Emily was to marry.

After the townspeople intervene and bury her father, Emily is further isolated by a mysterious illness, possibly a mental breakdown. Intimidated by Emily and her ticking watch, the aldermen leave, but they continue to send tax notices every year, all of which are returned without comment.

A Rose for Emily

Brief Biography of William Faulkner William Faulkner was born to a wealthy family in Mississippi, the oldest of four brothers. She eventually closes up the top floor of the house. The town mayor, Colonel Sartoris, tells Emily an implausible story when she receives her first tax notice: However, a younger generation of aldermen later confronts Miss Emily about her taxes, and she tells them to see Colonel Sartoris now long dead, though she refuses to acknowledge his death.

Homer soon becomes a popular figure in town and is seen taking Emily on buggy rides on Sunday afternoons, which scandalizes the town and increases the condescension and pity they have for Emily.

Faulkner explained in an interview: The more outraged women of the town insist that the Baptist minister talk with Emily. In section V, the narrator describes what happens after Emily dies.

As new town leaders take over, they make unsuccessful attempts to get Emily to resume payments. In her later years, it appears that Emily lives only on the bottom floor of her house.

As complaints mount, Judge Stevens, the mayor at the time, decides to have lime sprinkled along the foundation of the Grierson home in the middle of the night. After some time has passed, the door to a sealed upstairs room that had not been opened in forty years is broken down by the townspeople. Only the servant is seen going in and out of the house.A short summary of William Faulkner's A Rose for Emily.

This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of A Rose for Emily. Course Hero's expert-written discussion question and answer pairs for William Faulkner's A Rose for Emily offer insight and analysis on themes, symbols, characters, and more.

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Get help with any book. Download PDF Summary (Critical Survey of. "A Rose for Emily" is a favorite American short story by William Faulkner.

Here is a summary of the story and a few questions for study and discussion.

Discussion of a Rose for Emily

Comprehension questions for "A Rose for Emily" written by William Faulkner Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

A rose for emily discussion
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