A memory of my ghostly experiences at the old house

In Loving Memory Of Keshia. The experience that she has told me a few times is actually much more frightening. It freaked her out enough to remember it but it could have been anything really.

At the time, I remember thinking about the many government meetings that had been held there when it was the seat of tribal government. Suddenly the banging was very profound, and for the first time, I heard the footsteps walking down the stairs. This story freaks her out every time she tells it.

We moved into a co-op and the first year everything seemed nice and normal. The paranormal activity got really bad aboutand one of these "entities" wears a hood too! I was a young child at the time Her name was Keshia, she was just 14 years old, and a wonderful person.

She responded by putting her hand on the bed and then she left. He seemed important, something like a medicine man, but this frightened me.

Finally my mom made it home, and everything stopped. I want you to get the full image here. The Scania that I had been given was a few years old with many miles on the clock but it had been well looked after. In the meantime, I have only seen the little girl a couple of times.

Since the new house did not have walls up yet, I soon went over and thoroughly searched the house, only to find nothing. She closed the door and started to walk further into the apartment when something I believe she said it was a vase crashed to the floor.

I would have had to climb up there and jostle them all around to get to be up there with them.

Ghostly hauntings?

He told me that he talked "to" them, saying that it was our house, and that they had no business being in here. At this point it was like something was speaking to me — through me!

She saw a woman dying in childbirth. They loved the home as much if not more than we do. I just saw her upper half.

I was a baby and a toddler respectively for each of those memories. The only thing I can say is that I was shaking and on the point of tears.

My Earliest Ghost Experiences

I still remember that hot summers night wearing only a pair of shorts, a tee shirt and a pair of flip flops.Nov 02,  · My ghostly experiences Discussion in 'Ghosts: General' started by Katia, Nov 1, Nov 1, #1 What I saw then I have greater memory of.

It was a young girl kind of lying in mid air in the middle of the room. I used to think there was "something" on the landing of my old house when I was a kid, but that was probably my.

In Memory Of My Uncle

This Old House - Your online source for psychic and medium information. but my soul. There was just something about it. I sensed the room with the ghostly figures was where a woman died in childbirth. I also tried to figure out a few rooms that the energies seemed confusing.

all was back to normal. There are more interesting experiences. Mar 24,  · There's an old hollow road near my house driving through there one night,I was in the passenger side looking out the killarney10mile.com I saw what appeared to be a house in the middle of an abandoned killarney10mile.com the house looked like a vision,it was white and misty looking,not like a real house.

Ghost Stories by Country.

Real Ghost Stories

Australia The Green Room I saw it, but I don't believe. Belgium My experiences rickg MY SISTER'S GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS (2 parts) That girl from my dreams Graveyard Frightening memories of my old house. Held non verbal conversation with ghost.

This Old House

Apr 27,  · I've had a few "ghostly" experiences, most of which can be explained by hallucinations brought about by exhaustion. The remainder are, I believe, nightmares relating to various ex-wives! Retired Old Fart. Aug 10,  · Anyone got ghostly experiences from around Galway city?

I remember as a kid Gerry Ryan talking to someone with a Poltergeist in their house, im pretty s.

A memory of my ghostly experiences at the old house
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