A case study of the coca cola company business essay

Retrieved from Frontline magazine volume issue Coke must already know that India is an agricultural country with many NGOs. They must face the crisis from the day it begins until its aftermath. With the decrease of the sales, it showed that consumers believed the allegation more than their loyalty to Coca Cola, and the investors were afraid to keep their feet on the company.

By this, Coke will have a chance to get back their position as a leading soft drink brand, thus regain their credibility from its suppliers and distribution channels to work well together again and for investors to increase the investment and improve their economy decrease.

The sales drop has proved that consumers are involved to believing the issue. Coke must remember that employees are not only playing part as workers, but also consumers. Billion of Indians wants Coca Cola to prove that they are deserved to be trusted once more.

Especially Gupta, as the representative for Coca Cola, he must have been facing a harder situation between his role as CEO and his blood as Indian to confront Indian public.

How well prepared was Coke India to deal with the allegations?

Coke must be honest in revealing the problem so that they can assure the consumers to believe them again. Overcoming a crisis, especially for an international and big brand such as Coca Cola, as not easy as it seems. Firstly, Gupta must understand that Coca Cola has faced several crisis in the past.

Coke should now when to solve the problem before it affects the future. Coke India must remain calm and confident in facing the issue. Moreover, I have learnt from this case study that as company never dies, Coke was doing anything they could do to rebuild trust and reputation through understanding its constituents and best practices.

Any other crisis were happened too on other countries such as in Belgium and Atlanta. By the fact, Coke must have been realized to manage good relationship and reputation in India for their own future. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Tell the truth To gain back the trust means Coke must reveal the truth regarding the issue that hit them. They should have done a transparent product testing to prove the facts they already revealed.

Conclusion There are some lessons I can get by covering this case study.Coca Cola Case Study Analysis Essay. Coca-Cola Company Case Study GB Financial Accounting Principles and Analysis Kaplan University SUMMARY Accounting is an important aspect of business because it is the foundation that offers support to management for planning, and controlling activities as well as decisions.

Essay about Environment Analysis and Market Research: A Case Study of Coca Cola - Environment analysis and market research: A case study of Coca Cola. The Coca Cola Company has been among the world’s top companies that have been able to perform well in all the areas of the world.

Below is a free excerpt of "Coca Cola Business And Society Case Study" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The Coca-Cola Company would be able to purchase one of these companies through financing.

Coca Cola Case Study Essay Sample

The organization has a high credit rating and, therefore, would be able to raise money for the acquisition at a low cost. Recommendation 2.

The Coca-Cola Company's decision making process does not fit into its structure or mission, vision, and values. Coca-Cola Case Study Words | 7 Pages Coca-Cola May 17, I.

Introduction Corporate Social Responsibility is the corporate initiative to assess and take responsibility for the company 's effects on the environment and impact on social welfare. Coca Cola Case Study Essay Sample.

On AugustCoca Cola India faced a sales drop due to pesticides residues issue brought by a non-government organization called CSE (Center for Science and Environment). This report aims at covering the case study from the Corporate Communication 5th Edition by Paul A.

Argenti ‘s book page (Case ).

A case study of the coca cola company business essay
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